Waterline Surlok Pinch Clamps

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The versatile surlok "clinch clamp" rachet tool is a full-size clamp tool able to clamp 1/2" and 3/4" stainless steel PEX clamp rings onto PEX tubing (clamp rings not included). The"Clinch Clamp" design allows for one-handed gripping keeping the other hand free to hold a flashlight, ladder or pipe. The surlok "Cinch Clamp" Rachet PEX clamp tool compresses the stainless steel clamp ring to barb fittings creating a watertight seal. The clamp tool will not release from the clamp ring unless you make a properly secure connection.

  • Crimping tool
  • For use with 3/8" pinch stainless steel clamp rings (sold separately)
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