Bosch Spade Bit Drill Set 10 pcs

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  • INCLUDES: 1-1/4", 1-1/8", 1”, 7/8", 3/4", 5/8", 9/16", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4"
  • FULL CONE THREADED TIP: This will jab into your woods and sink through it effortlessly
  • CONTOURED PADDLE shrugs chips off as you’re drilling through wood, cutting down on heat and friction and preserving the overall structural integrity of the bit
  • SPUR TIPS: These two bits will dig into wood, stopping the bit from walking at the beginning of the drilling process
  • HEX SHANK POWER GROOVE cuts down on slipping around in your drill under high amounts of torque, meaning you’ll be able to drill straighter more often
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